Stellar Yoga
Reconnect to your inner goddess with a group of like-hearted womxn.
Workshops, Cacao Ceremonies & Sisterhood Circles.
A Cacao and Sisterhood Ceremony
Whatever 2020 has looked like for you, it's likely there's a need to RELEASE something.

Emotions, thoughts, unexpected changes and loss lingering in your nervous system. Once we release stagnant or pent up energy, we can then lovingly RESTORE ourselves back to our centre (our true, essential nature).

On Saturday, December 19th I'll be guiding an end of the year
Cacao & Sisterhood ceremony, and you, sweet being, are invited!

Early bird rate on until December 14th 2020.

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The Inner Circle
A monthly series for womxn to connect, dive deep, and honour their cyclic nature.
This is a 3-part, monthly, sisterhood circle starting December 13th 2020.
The Inner Circle is exclusively for womxn who've been part of Blood Magic.

This space is an opportunity for us to reconnect, share, grow, shed out-dated beliefs, and tune-into practices that align us with our most authentic, highest, cyclic selves - all in divine sisterhood!

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